• 5 cute hairstyles for the girls with no regrets

    Long hair is overrated! If you want a change try something new with your hair and you will surely make an outstanding appearance with these cute hairstyles that only girls with curiosity and courage will try.

    Short ombre hair and bangs are a very cool way to go. You can style it to look neat or you can ruffle it a bit for that messy *I woke up like this* look.

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  • 6 nail trends that are IN this fall

    Bored of your manicure? Well, I’ve got the cure to that! Always on the look out for some great manicure I’ve gathered 5 nail trends that are IN this fall and you are definitely going to want to try them out. So here they are:

    1. The outlined nail

    This a such a cool and dreamy manicure. It’s so simple yet so effective. Trust me, everyone is going to compliment your nails if you try this mani. Apply the darker color as a base and with a steady hand add the white varnish only after the dark one has completely dried.

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