How to plan for a successful week

Ever started your week like you had no idea what to do and felt really hopeless? This may happen if you don’t take a look at what is ahead of you so you might want to start planning your week. It’s not easy but once you get the hang of it it will become a habit and who knows, maybe something you will find pleasure in.



  1. Set your weekly goals – You need to have a purpose and some goals in order to feel like you are working for something. So let’s say you want to study a foreign language, set a goal of learning 5 new words everyday so the goal is not only achievable but also you can keep track of it to see your evolution.



     2. Make a list of tasks for each goal  – Lets take the same example: you want to learn 5 new words everyday, in that case you need to set some tasks to do. The task can look like this: read, write and say the words 3 times.

      3. Say daily affirmations – These are some things that very successful people do to empower themselves. You can either write them down, either say them out loud in the morning, before an important event and before you go to bed. So come up with a list of positive affirmations to remind yourself of your goals and the fact that you want to achieve them.

    4. Set a meal plan  – Nutrition is very important so if you want to stay concentrated on your goals and have energy to achieve them, then you need to plan your meals.

    5. Plan your outfits – This task will make you aware of the need to stay organised. Also, it’s great to have an overview of your outfits of the week because this way you’ll start your morning without having to stress about what to wear that day.

Good luck!

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