5 chic ways to wear white sneakers

This year’s sneakers are the most controversial piece of clothing. Sometimes they can be too hoody for a feminine, delicate silhouette. Still, everybody who loves fashion, waits them for months (because they are sold out) and matches them with everything, including stylish cocktail dresses.
Do not be afraid, there are other fashioned paddocks in case you are not yet convinced that the white sneakers are right for you.

A pair of ultra-classical white, slick pants is always an excellent choice for a colorful dress. Discard jewelry, instead you can choose a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Who would have thought a baby doll dress can be mixed with something other than a classic Mary Jane pair? Well, the alternative would be a pair of sneakers!

A pastel dress, perfect for the next garden party you will be invited to, will look cooler with a pair of sneakers than with a pair of Roman sandals.


If you choose a pastel & light look, do not think to wear it with a pair of colored sneakers. This colonial effect will be lost.

Avoid dressing an ultra-bulky dress with sandals or heel shoes.  Alternative? Obviously a pair of sneakers!

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