How to manage your time better

Ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you had more time than you actually had? If so, then I’m gonna give you some tips that can help you manage your time a whole lot better.

  1. Prioritise

Always have your mind on your priorities. You should start your day by making a list of how urgent your tasks are. Tackle the more important and more difficult ones at first and it will make you feel so satisfied and accomplished.

  1. Set deadlines

Setting deadlines is a great way to manage your tasks as it helps you stay focused on your tasks. So for every task you put on your list try to set a deadline for it, it will make working on the task more efficient.

  1.  Don’t multi-task

We’re usually very impressed by people that can do more than one things at the same time but usually these people, unfortunately, don’t do a very good job. So whenever you start dealing with a task concentrate on that single task only. You can thank me later 😀

  1. Set achievable goals

If you’ve got a big project to deal with and the stress is too hard to handle if you look at the big picture then try breaking it into tiny pieces. For example, if you set a goal of learning a new language by the end of the year don’t just list it as is. Break it into small pieces such as ‘ practice for 20 minutes a day’ or ‘learn 5 new words everyday’. Small goals lead up to the ‘big fish’.

  1. Clean workspace

Remember to always sit down at a clean and tidy workspace so that you don’t find yourself being interrupted by procrastination. We’ve all been there! Trying to work and suddenly feeling like you need to clean your workspace and swooosh! goes your time!

Hope these tips will help you out!




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