5 cute hairstyles for the girls with no regrets

Long hair is overrated! If you want a change try something new with your hair and you will surely make an outstanding appearance with these cute hairstyles that only girls with curiosity and courage will try.

Short ombre hair and bangs are a very cool way to go. You can style it to look neat or you can ruffle it a bit for that messy *I woke up like this* look.

Try an asymmetric look and you will never be boring again. The hairstyle is very practical and it will follow your neckline for a casual look or you can try curling it for a more romantic look.

Another cool hairstyle you can try is this straight pink bob. The pastel pink is very in right now so you’ll be following the trend.

Another variation of the bob hairstyle is this one with added layers on the side which will give your hair volume and dimension so you won’t regret cutting all of your hair off.  It’s super cute and practical. Not to mention it’s going to make you look younger.

Let’s not forget about the pixie cut which works perfectly with short and medium hair and gives you such a unique style. This one is surely on my bucket list!

Which one are you going to try? <3

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