8 outfits that are proof black is still in

Did you think black was out of style? You’ve never been more wrong! Here are some very stylish outfits that will prove the fact that black is and always will be in style no matter what season and what pieces you want to mix.  Because it’s autumn/winter season we are looking at those that are appropriate for these times of the year. Let’s take a look at this fashionable ensemble which pairs a very trendy piece this season, the leather pants and the fluffy over sized sweater. These pieces go perfectly together in a mix of cool materials.


Wanna look badass? Try the classic ripped pair of jeans but add a fluffy jacket on top to mellow it down.


Another cool outfit consisting of the ultra cool leather pants but this time with a cape draped on the shoulders for a mysterious effect. Don’t forget your bag and your booties! You’re good to go!



This next outfit is for the serious but funny chicks because it combines simple and structured pieces but the dotted tights add a fun touch to the whole outfit and tie it together.



This diva type of outfit will turn heads wherever you will go. The turtleneck and the knee high boots will keep you warm, while the skirt will make you look fancy and feminine.



Wear a rocker leather jacket paired with a ballerina long skirt to look very sophisticated and cool. Dare to combine these elements!



For work try and over sized blazer combined with simple black jeans, a sweater and a white shirt to give the look a structured look and you will look cool and professional. Wear some skater shoes for a more casual effect.


Let’s not forget about the classic bodycon dress paired with the leather jacket. This is the perfect outfit if you have no idea what to wear, just throw it on and you’re good to go!



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