6 nail trends that are IN this fall

Bored of your manicure? Well, I’ve got the cure to that! Always on the look out for some great manicure I’ve gathered 5 nail trends that are IN this fall and you are definitely going to want to try them out. So here they are:

  1. The outlined nail

This a such a cool and dreamy manicure. It’s so simple yet so effective. Trust me, everyone is going to compliment your nails if you try this mani. Apply the darker color as a base and with a steady hand add the white varnish only after the dark one has completely dried.

2. The classic fall nail

It’s not really fall if you don’t start painting your nails in dark prune colors, is it? You can’t ignore this classic trend so I suggest that you invest in some quality dark mauve color and start doing your nails with it if you’re not feeling inspired.

3. The gold accent

There are different variations of this manicure but they all star gold. Add a golden detail to your simple manicure and it will instantly give it a boost. It’s going to make you look luxurious.

4. The negative space trend

This trend makes your nails look extremely clean and delicate because of the pink tone of your own nail showing through another color. The most common on is monochromatic but you can also combine colors to make it look more intricate. So stylish!

5. The mirror nails

This nail trend looks extremely sharp and you can either wear it on your accent nail or for a bigger effect wear it on all nails. Your nails are going to glow!

6. The chrome mani

This manicure is what you’ll want to wear when you have a very simple outfit on. It’s going to make you look like a million bucks!  

So which one is your favorite? I’m already hooked on the negative space manicure!


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