4 essentials that are going to get you through this fall

I just love fall weather and I think that the best time of year is when you cozy up with a hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket to watch a romantic movie. if you want to survive this fall and follow the latest trends then these are the essentials for you:

A blanket scarf 

If the weather is cold you just can’t leave the house without a blanket scarf to keep you warm. Get one in autumn colors such as browns and warm purples and you are set for fall.

Dark toned clothes 

You can finally whip out from the back of your closet all those grey and dark toned clothes that you’ve been waiting to wear even since you’ve put them in there. Summer is over now so put away the pastels and the bright colors for some seriously sexy dark colors.  This green and grey outfit is goals for a walk on a warm fall day.


Thick tights 

If you’re not yet ready to let go of summer and still want to rock those minis pair them with cute thick tights to keep your legs warm on those cool walks.

Warm coat 

The coat is a staple so it shouldn’t be missing from your closet. Pair your over sized coat with ripped jeans and you have a very cool outfit that will deffo turn heads!

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